Copper Semis

Unique Expertise and Experience

The copper fabricating industry is the world from which Cu2 Consulting originates and is the sector in which the company’s two founding partners developed their extensive expertise and experience. Together, they managed the Marketing Direction of one among the world’s largest copper fabricators and provided exceptionally high quality market analysis and strategy for top level management and metal consulting companies.

The Copper Semis Division of Cu2 Consulting provides unrivalled analysis and support to:

Copper and Copper Alloy Fabricators

Copper Industry Associations

All those involved and interested in the Copper Fabricating Industry

5 important reasons why you should choose Cu2 Consulting for your projects
Copper Semis
Cu2 has a unique knowledge and understanding all aspects of the copper fabricating industry 

Our combined experience of more than thirty-five years working in the world of copper fabricating, has allowed us to build a deep and thorough knowledge of the main topics in every sector of this industry.

Cu2 has a 360° knowledge of products and applications

We have managed the marketing function for one of world’s largest copper fabricators, with a uniquely broad portfolio of exceptionally well branded products and solutions and this has allowed us to build very strong expertise in a wide range of products and applications.

Cu2 has specialist knowledge in how to access all the relevant data sources and the ability to use them with the most appropriate and sophisticated methods of analysis

We have worked for many years to create and build a comprehensive system of market and competitive intelligence for the copper fabricating sector. This experience ensures our exceptional expertise and knowledge is applied when selecting the most appropriate and relevant data sources and then deciding upon the most accurate analytical methods. This very special expertise is now at your disposal.

Cu2 will help you uncover your needs and then help you to fulfil them

Our knowledge and expertise gained during many years of managing a collection of world leading brands and special projects, inside a large copper focused industrial Group, enables us to provide you with closely targeted solutions which will satisfy the real needs of the copper fabricating sector, in particular, those companies aiming to increase their market presence and financial performance in this sector.

Cu2 tailors every single project to the individual needs of the client

We will become immersed in your projects, as if they were our own, and will work with you as if we were part of your company, because this style of working is now part our professional DNA. Our commitment and professionalism will give you all the confidence you require, in the quality and reliability of the results, which will be achieved by working closely together.

We are confident our unrivalled industry expertise cannot be made available by any other independent marketing organisation in the copper industry. Cu2 Consulting is ready immediately, to offer its unique range of skills and services to copper fabricators and the copper industry associations. 

By choosing Cu2 Consulting you will have the opportunity to access the most experienced and knowledgeable marketing expertise in your sector, who will understand your needs, “speak your language” and offer you the previously unavailable specialist tools which will help you to make the right decisions to enhance your market position and long term profitability. 

Media Partner of Cu2 Consulting for Copper Semis: Copper Worldwide

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