Strategy & Marketing Solutions on Demand

The decades of international work experience of Cu2 Consulting’s founding partners, combined with their deep passion and dedication for marketing and strategic project planning, makes Cu2 Consulting the ideal partner to assist small & medium sized enterprises in fulfilling their development potential.

Companies can choose to opt for using our expertise, only when they need it, but whenever they need it, without increasing the burden of their fixed costs, thereby taking full advantage of our unique experience and range of special services.

The SMEs’ Division of Cu2 Consulting provides analysis and support to:

Manufacturing SMEs

Service Enterprises

Industry or Service Associations.

5 very important reasons to choose Cu2 Consulting for your projects:
We are highly qualified professionals with many years of business experience 

We are qualified professionals in the areas of strategy, marketing and communications who can draw on more than 35 years of combined experience of working inside manufacturing companies and consulting firms.

We are always available to listen to your needs and able to work together with the appropriate corporate functions within your organisation 

Our extensive business experience, allows us to quickly and systematically identify and understand the needs of our clients. It also allows us to use the skills we have developed, to mobilise and enable all the different corporate functions to work together effectively towards their common strategy and goals.

We are able to combine strategic vision with a pragmatic approach and thereby solve problems, by speaking the language of your company

Setting the right strategic direction is a vital element for success, but we are also aware of how important is to be pragmatic and to be able to offer clear and precise solutions to solve the most critical and urgent business issues. In order to do this successfully, we always remember to learn and speak the language of your company.

We immerse ourselves in your projects, but always see them from a company-oriented perspective

We will not look to provide you with ready-made solutions. We prefer to be fully involved in your projects as if we were part of your own company: this is how Cu2 Consulting operates successfully with its clients.

We guarantee to deliver outstanding quality, supported by an experienced cross-functional team of associated experts

A tailored consulting solution which, when required, can be enhanced with the necessary expertise provided by our network of cross-functional team of experts.

In a nutshell:

We want to help you grow by identifying together the best solutions for your company’s development, we want to be the reference partner to fulfil your projects, we want to offer you our long business experience, guaranteeing quality and reliability in compliance with your budgets. 

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