Sub-contracting Consultancy

Your Partner for Marketing Strategy 

Cu2 Consulting is available to support consulting firms and communication agencies by undertaking the outsourcing of some parts of their projects which relate specifically to the specialist studies of marketing strategies and planning.

5 very important reasons to choose Cu2 Consulting for your projects
Sub-contracting Consultancy
We are qualified professionals with many years of business experience 

We are qualified professional in the areas of strategy, marketing and communications who can draw on our more than 35 years of combined experience of working in manufacturing companies and consulting firms.

We have a strategic vision, as well outstanding analysis and synthesis skills 

To perform an effective strategic analysis, it’s essential to possess the strong analytical skills necessary to identify the crucial points evident in all problems, as well as sophisticated data modelling skills, to be able to recognize the key aspects around which a proper decision process can be constructed. These are the aspects which form the core of Cu2 Consulting’s professional DNA.

We have proven experience in Business Planning

Cu2 Consulting can show a long experience in successful business planning, marketing planning and analytical support for outlining effective communication concept, within a large international corporation.

The key feature of our approach is the ability to assess the appropriate requirements and sound methodology for correct analysis

The experience gained in inner-company interactions and customer relationships has strengthened our ability to assess the real needs, a key feature to outline a proper analytical approach. Cu2 Consulting combines this with a steady methodological soundness in using the data sources and the related analytical processes.

When you work with us you enlarge your network, contacts and activity base

The collaboration with Cu2 Consulting will allow consulting firms and communication agencies to enlarge their contact network and increase their chances of participating in wider business projects.

In a nutshell:

You can entrust us with the marketing and strategic aspects of your projects and afford sleep quietly, by relying on our experience, value and reliability.


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