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About us

Cu2 Consulting is a completely new company in the field of strategic and marketing consulting, but its founding partners have a long and proven track record in managing the marketing, analysis and project development within complex and structured corporate environments.Cu2 Consulting expects, through working alongside your team, to develop a detailed understanding of your specific needs and priorities, which will become the essential starting point for providing effective answers to the questions of growth, competiveness and development, which affect companies on a daily basis.

Cu2 Consulting will never try to provide its clients with ready-made solutions, based only on a few theoretical principles; in fact, we prefer to sit round the table with our clients to analyse and identify together, straight forward, but original solutions for fulfilling their needs, resulting in valuable solutions tailored specifically around the identified development and growth requirements of the client.

The Cu2 team is driven by a passion and energy for detail and accuracy which, combined with their experience and expertise, becomes the best guarantee that Cu2 Consulting will improve the quality of your projects and enhance your growth potential. Cu2 ambition: we will grow our business successfully by ensuring our clients grow theirs successfully.

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Cu2 Consulting will prove to their clients how they can help them develop their strategies and improve their financial results, by working alongside them with commitment and passion.



We offer our clients access to all of our network and experience. We guarantee our clients our full dedication and undivided attention.


We are trustworthy, dependable and extremely competent. Cu2 Consulting is a partner you can rely on.


We listen closely to our client. You input is the starting point from which we build a project together.


We pride ourselves on attention to detail.


We tailor our specialist analytic and support tools around the specific conditions of each individual project, simply because we believe a focused, flexible approach is the only way to obtain innovative results which will be sustainable and long lasting.


We work constantly to improve our customers’ competiveness. Passion, energy and conviction are essential parts of our jobs and these are the principles which have moved us to create Cu2 Consulting.

The Team

Meet the Team

The two founding partners of Cu2 Consulting have developed a wide range of specialist skills in all the major areas of marketing strategy and communications for the B2B segment, relying on their combined total of more than thirty five years of experience in large industrial corporations and consulting companies.


Their high level of expertise in the different areas of marketing, combined with their broad international corporate experience, makes Cu2 Consulting a uniquely qualified team, able to cope with the challenging and complex issues in constantly evolving markets.


In detail:

Monica Di Cosimo / Co-Founder & Partner

Monica has been a Senior Manager accumulating more than 25 years experience in the field of marketing semi-finished products. She developed her extensive international experience whilst working at KME Group, a large multinational corporation, where she held positions of increasing responsibility, before finally become the Head of Marketing for the entire group. She has managed projects and activities in the areas of strategic analysis, product marketing, product launch, strategic acquisitions and disposals, marketing communications and marketing special projects. She has extensive experience in people and project management.

Roberta Novello / Co-Founder & Partner

Roberta worked for 13 years at KME in the Group’s Marketing Direction, focusing in particular in the areas of market analysis and product strategy and achieving high-level positions at corporate level. After obtaining experience in London as a Senior Analyst at SNL Metal & Mining, one of the largest US providers of Business Intelligence data and services, she returned to Italy to become a founding partner the Cu2 Consulting project.


In situations where complex projects require specific additional resources or specific consulting expertise, Cu2 Consulting is able call upon the services of their trusted international network of qualified associate partners who are all proven experts in their particular fields.