Copper has been Cu2 Consulting’s core business from the outset: discover our services

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Our passion for copper, even more than our long-standing experience in the industry, was the driver that moved us in 2014 to create Cu2 Consulting, a consultancy company strictly focused on the copper industry.


Eight years later, Cu2 Consulting is a well-established company with an international and broad customer base across the North and South Americas, Europe, and Asia.


Our services include regular reports and analyses, as well as specialist consultancy. A few examples:


CFCM – Copper Fabricators Competitive Monitor. A monthly report without equal in the market, that regularly monitors the global copper fabrication industry, its players and their developments, enriched by exclusive interviews with key executives in the industry and leading market experts


Cu2Baro – Copper Industry Barometer, a monthly service developed by Cu2 Consulting to measure the business confidence of the copper industry and its evolution over time, along with the view of the industry on special “hot topics”. The survey panel includes around 55 members in 22 countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, mainly representing copper fabricators, but also including distributors of copper products, large OEMs, raw material traders, copper producers, and suppliers of equipment to the copper industry. The copper fabricators in the panel account for nearly 30% of the total world output of brass mill products.


Cu2Dem, a quarterly service offering demand assessments and forecasts for the main copper semi-finished product groups (copper wire rod, rolled products, copper tubes, brass rods, and copper bars). Our market assessments cover all the world, and all data are detailed for 65 individual countries, 12 sub-regions, all continents.

For each relevant combination product/country, the Cu2Dem service provides Cu2 Consulting annual assessments of demand for the past two years, quarterly assessments for the current year and the yearly forecasts for the next five years.

The whole dataset is updated every quarter (in April, July, October, January). The service is modular and flexible and is also available on a single module basis, either by product and/or geographical region, depending on the need of individual businesses.


Multi-client studies and market analyses on copper semi-finished products. Comprehensive and at the same time very detailed, with no market rivals. The latest studies released include analyses on (A) the market for rolled products in Europe (2021); (B) the market for brass rods in Europe (2021); (C) the market for copper bars in Europe (2020). In the past, we also carried out similar studies for other geographical areas, including the MENAT region (Middle East, North Africa and Turkey), or on other topics, including competitive overviews. We are available to launch multi-client studies on several subjects and all kinds of geographies.


Specialist consultancy on the copper industry, mainly focused on the fabrication side. We have worked for many decades within the copper fabricating industry, so we know the market, “speak the language of the industry” and understand its needs. Since 2014, with Cu2 Consulting we have worked, and are currently working, side by side with several of the major copper fabricators in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia, on special projects tailored to their specific needs, delivering them specialised consultancy and supporting them in their market and strategic development.


Cu2 Consulting is a first-choice partner for your company’s development.


Contact us today, to discover more and try our specialist services,

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