The first issue of CFCM – Copper Fabricators Competitive Monitor is now available!

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immagine CFCMThe first issue of our monthly newsletter, monitoring the changes in the competitive scenario of the global semi-finished copper industry, is now available!


Last January 12, Cu2 Consulting released the No.1 / 2015 of its newsletter monitoring the main changes taking place in the competitive scenario of the global copper fabricating industry.


CFCM is a monthly newsletter, available on a subscription basis, which collects, monitors, analyzes and links the main news items of the month connected to all the producers of semi-finished copper products. The geographical coverage is global.



The CFCM is an essential tool to remain constantly updated on the major changes taking place in the copper fabricating industry. It permits to find, in one single publication, all the relevant information needed to stay updated. Cu2 Consulting does not just report the single pieces of news: we enrich any article with links to past and other related info, so as to offer a comprehensive information and a critical reading of the changes underway.


Our subscribers, in addition to receiving the newsletter, will have a section dedicated to them on our website where it will be possible to see the archives of all the newsletters published.


Contact us for further information; we will be glad to give you any detail you might need!


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