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Photo by courtesy of the Wieland Group
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Cu2 Consulting expects European demand for copper and copper alloy rolled products to grow by +8.4% in 2021, which will more than compensate for the decline suffered in 2020

Last year, affected by the pandemic, demand for copper and copper alloy rolled products in Europe hit its lowest level in 35-38 years, even falling below the low recorded in 2009.   More specifically, the y-o-y decline suffered in 2020 was not particularly strong (-3.3% y-o-y), thanks...

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29 September
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Major changes and investments announced by the European headquartered copper and copper alloy fabricators in 2017

Another long year for the European headquartered copper fabricators has been just filed and new additional challenges are going to affect the entire sector during 2018. This article points to summarize the main changes materialized in the copper fabricating scenario throughout 2017 regarding the European fabricators...

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10 January