Here we go! The new website of Cu2 Consulting is now online: it will allow us to communicate with our potential customers, …but not only.



Our new website is now online: Cu2 Consulting is a new company in the field of strategic and marketing consulting, even if its founding partners have a combined total of more than thirty-five years of experience in large industrial corporations and consulting companies.


Through this website we want to communicate with our potential customers, …but  not only.


We want In fact to establish contacts and hold a dialogue with other partners as well, whether they are manufacturing companies or research institutes, industry associations or investors, public or private bodies. We want to talk to all parties interested in both receiving and exchanging information on issues related to specific industry sectors and on issues related to development and competitiveness matters that companies are faced with on a daily basis.


We will enrich the content of our website step by step, with the purpose of making it a lively “meeting point” where to deepen different topics connected to industry issues, boosted and driven also by the attention and proposals coming from our partners. In addition to the pieces of news we will publish regularly in the “public” area, we will continue to enrich also the special section reserved to users who subscribe to our regular publications.


In the first phase, publications offered on subscription will focus on issues and problems related to the industry of semi-finished copper products, but in the future we plan to expand also to other industries the range of services on a  subscription base. We rely on you for any hints and proposals useful to permit us to better address and meet the key targets of interest.


Contact us and let us know what you would like to deepen or improve. We will take care!   News Index

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