Cu2 Consulting is celebrating one year of sparkling activity

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1-Year-in-BusinessCu2 Consulting is celebrating its first year of life with an extremely positive result.


We wish to thank all customers who have supported us and chosen Cu2 Consulting for their development projects.


In this first year of activity, our field of action, even if mostly focused on copper, has opened also to different sectors, a challenge that we have faced with a strong commitment and passion, and whose results have fully repaid our efforts.


From a geographical perspective, we have now customers in all the three major continents (America, Europe, Asia) and our turnover was achieved 65% ​​abroad and the remaining 35% in Italy. The percentage of exports rises to 85% when considering the activity carried out in these first months of 2015 only.


All our customers have a strong positioning in their markets and plan to further develop; over 40% of our clients are listed companies.


During this first year, we have also expanded the international network of qualified associate partners in terms of both expertise and geographical coverage, and all this contributes to enhance our offer.


In 2015, we have also started to produce publications available on subscription and some multiclient studies:


  • Since January, we circulate to our subscribers a monthly report monitoring the competitive landscape of the global industry of semi-finished copper products (CFCM – Copper Fabricators Competitive Monitor), a newsletter that has notably increased the loyalty of many of our subscribers;
  • In a few days, at the beginning of June, a multiclient report on the consumption of flat rolled copper and copper alloys products in the EEA (European Economic Area, a vast area of ​​31 European countries) covering the period from 2003 to 2014 will be ready for shipment;
  • In early July a similar multi-client report referred to the 19 countries, forming the MENAT region (Middle East – North Africa – Turkey) will be ready as well.


In this first year, we have also worked side by side with several companies to support them with their development projects.


We look at this second year of activity that is going to start with great confidence and with still many projects in mind.


Thanks again to everyone who supported us.



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  • Lenka | Feb 18, 2016 at 4:58

    Dear Sir,Very good post.I have read so many blogs on WCTC – but yours was giving the other side of the coin that gives clear picrute!Best WishesWith Regards,Maheswaran K

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